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depressed young man 150x150 About UsAt Lake Arrowhead Recovery Center, we care about people. We understand that anyone can fall upon hard times and alcohol or drug addiction can be a tough battle to fight. You should never have to go it alone and that is why we are here to help.

We are trained to specialize in a wide variety of addictions and conditions such as alcohol, cocaine and prescription drug addiction as well as grief and loss issues, PTSD, depression and other conditions that often lead to addiction behaviors or drug dependency issues.

Drug Addiction and Alcohol Addiction can tear your life apart. If you’ve come to a place where you have tried to stop your addictive habits but you can’t, don’t be discouraged. It’s not hopeless. You can be free from the habits that control you. The first part of breaking free from your addiction is to acknowledge that you need help. We offer help. Lake¬†Arrowhead Recovery¬†Center has developed a successful treatment program to help you stop your addiction.

Find the ability to stop at Lake Arrowhead Recovery Center

Our private, secluded and restful setting in Lake Arrowhead, CA will give you the strength to focus and quit permanently. Our professional team is here for you. Call now to speak to an intake specialist at (310) 753-6866 or use our form below to request info. All contact is strictly confidential.

We also continually request feedback from our clients that you can view from our testimonials. This is how we continue to improve our facilities, the approaches we take in therapy and treatment and more. We are always seeking a higher level of service and we value our clients and their feedback greatly.

Lake Arrowhead Recovery Center can put you on the road to recovery

Drug addiction and alcohol addiction does not have to rule your life or the lives of someone you care about. Help starts here at Lake Arrowhead Recovery Center and we want to be with you and get you started on the road to recovery. Learn more on our admissions page about how we can help you with drug addiction and alcohol addiction.

Lake Arrowhead Recovery Center


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